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Jan 10

What to see and do in Merzifon Turkey

  Out in the vast Anatolian plains there are loads of little town and cities that have held significant historic posts and their charm is still evident. Merzifon is a small and historic town full of charm in the Anatolian province of Amasya. Historically it is the city where Ottoman rulers where trained in the …

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Jan 01

Isparta Turkey: visiting ancient and beautiful lands

  Like many out of the way places in Turkey, time seems to stand still and one does not have to imagine hard how the Ottoman Empire once looked and seemed. This throwback town sits in a region famous for Roses and Carpets. If one is fortunate enough to visit in May, Rose pickers will …

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Nov 11

Ankara Esenboga Airport Review

  The capital city of Turkey, Ankara is a city which is adding a lot to its traveler attractions especially as regards infrastructure, hotels and attractions. The city of the Anatolian plains is packed with history and is just one place among many fascinating spots in the greater country. Turkey used to be a bigger …

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