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Aug 03

A town where wine is worshipped: Elciego, Spain

    Tourists who are on the pathways of rural beauty in Spain will be surprised by the City of Wine complex that rises seemingly out of nowhere. The architecture reminds one of a civic center, museum, hotel and sculpture from a major cosmopolitan city, but here it is among the farms and countryside proclaiming the glories …

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Jul 27

Spain’s most historic University City is the birthplace of much of its history and culture

The main draw behind Alcala de Henares is that it is the world’s first city planned around a University and it is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has amazing architecture, lots of literary and academic history and best of all it’s an easy day trip from Madrid. The town is located about 30 km. …

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Jun 24

Why Granada Spain is so much more than the Alhambra

  Granada is a Southern Spanish city that is very popular because of its famous Alhambra Fortress. This photogenic Islamic fort that is the main attraction most people think of. It is certainly a high profile UNESCO world heritage site, but to limit the town to just this attraction is to seriously underestimate its cultural …

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May 26

A journey of a lifetime in Spain: El Camino de Santiago / The Way of St James

    El camino de Santiago or the Way of Saint James as it is known in English continues attracting millions of visitors every year. It is a demanding spiritual journey that evolves a sense of encounter with oneself. Pilgrims have been walking this journey for centuries. The way goes through very beautiful villages, mountains …

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Mar 18

An ideal European road trip: from Madrid to Lisbon

    The great capitals of Spain and Portugal are excellent destinations in themselves that offer boundless cultural sights, museums, cuisine, shopping and much more. Many might choose to fly between the two and others to take a bus, but renting a car is an excellent option for an entirely different journey.

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