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Nov 28

Italy, Slovenia and Croatia: a captivating itinerary

  For travelers to the Northern regions of Italy one might feel called to move out beyond Venice and explore the wide arc of shores and waves that curl up into this area of the Adriatic Sea. It is an adventure into a quiet corner of the Mediterranean with some of the deepest blues, freshest …

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May 30

Slovenia has some of the best kept secret coastal towns in Europe: like Izola

  Slovenia’s coastline is small, yet every one of the towns along it has a memorable character and layout. Izola is no exception. It is even more laid back than the villages of Piran and Portoroz  with charming architecture and majestic views of nature.

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Apr 05

Why to Visit Slovenia?

Everyone’s got their dream trips, bucket lists, and European to do lists. They often include the Eiffel Tower, the London Bridge, The Colosseum and other renowned attractions. Have you ever wondered what else is out there? In our travel experience, the highlights are surely worthwhile, but traveling can take you places you never thought existed …

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Mar 15

An Itinerary of Slovenia’s coastal towns: Piran, Portoroz and more!

  At close to 50km of coastline, Slovenia is fortunate as a central European country to have some coastal space at all. Still Slovenia seems to have the best of everything, interior alpine forests, mystic lakes, river gorges and of course the attractive coast.

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Nov 24

The most essential itinerary of Slovenia

Slovenia is a country that offers bold and diverse attractions in a relatively small geographic area. Ljubljana –the capital- is known as the small big city of Europe, it boasts one of the most vivid nightlife scenes of Europe, surrounded by impressive nature with very friendly people. Slovenia can be perfectly included as a stop …

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