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Nov 28

Italy, Slovenia and Croatia: a captivating itinerary

  For travelers to the Northern regions of Italy one might feel called to move out beyond Venice and explore the wide arc of shores and waves that curl up into this area of the Adriatic Sea. It is an adventure into a quiet corner of the Mediterranean with some of the deepest blues, freshest …

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Nov 27

Recommended places to visit in Puglia, Italy

  The front of the Italian “boot” is a fascinating and in parts wild landscape which houses treasures of nature, panoramic views and small cities with long lived histories. Puglia is longer than it is wide, so it covers a variety of coast and it has several cities with unique and isolated traditions. It would …

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Nov 03

Are Barolo, La Morra and the neighboring towns the best kept secrets of Italy?

No one denies the beauty of Italy, it is indeed one of the most fascinating destinations on earth, but that fact only attracts millions of tourists every year to the point that a romantic visit can be easily turned into a nightmare.

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Sep 16

Monte Cassino, Italy: religious heritage and history

  Monte Cassino is a renowned attraction in Italy due to its famed presence as a historic abbey, its sheer beauty and domineering panorama over the surrounding countryside and the role it has played as a cultural and physical reference point in wars and conquests. All that being said and with a good proximity to …

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Aug 11

How to enjoy Rome at a relaxing pace: Trastevere

  Trastevere is Rome’s most laid backĀ and pedestrian neighborhood. The past comes alive around every corner, its narrow streets yield to major squares, ancient buildings and wonderful people watching at the cafe’s, restaurants, barber shops and churches.

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