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Dec 21

A railway journey from Berlin to Prague

  Berlin and Prague are two major European Cities that can be easily combined in a single trip. The easiest way to travel between both cities while getting a taste of the countryside between is to do so by train.

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Nov 25

What to expect on a visit to Dachau concentration camp

The concentration camps which are preserved as a historic witness to the atrocities of the last century are somber places which frighten and fascinate tourists all at once. They are not uplifting or thrilling in any sense, but they are nonetheless a part of the travel itinerary that many explore in Germany. This is what …

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Sep 27

Laid back urban Europe: Frankfurt Germany

Germany’s fifth most populous city and center of the European Banking system is a laid back city that has a lovely riverfront, intimate squares and streets as well as plenty of restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and sightseeing. 

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Apr 25

The places you may be overlooking in a trip to Germany

  Being situated right at the heartland of the European Continent with so much to see and layers of history, nature and culture to uncover, Germany is a monumental place to explore. For a general itinerary of the country I would recommend dividing the country into North and South regions and spending a week in …

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Apr 15

Highlights of visiting Cologne, Germany

  The Northwest section of Germany is home to some of Europe’s greatest farmland especially for cooler weather crops like Cabbage and Kale. While this might not be the most touristed sector of the country, (Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich are some more familiar names) it is especially worth seeing for its scenery, culture and natural …

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