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Jan 21

Review of the Hilton Danube Waterfront in Vienna

  Vienna is a town that holds mystique for visitors from all over the world. It lives up to its charm certainly, but it also comes at a cost for logistical things like hotels, restaurants and transport.

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Jan 19

Great Pizza in Bratislava Slovakia

Primo Amore for us and many others takes the prize as best pizza place in the city. It lies within walking distance of the historic center and yet it is enough off the beaten path that you won’t find many tourists here, but lots of locals clamoring for some home made Italian in the heart …

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Jan 14

Getting from the Vienna airport to Bratislava Slovakia

  Two of Europe’s smaller yet scenic capitals are around only an hour from each other. Vienna and Bratislava. Whether you are coming in straight from the Vienna airport and want to go to Slovakia, you are returning a car there or its just logistically easier as a day trip, the Vienna Airport bus to …

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Jan 05

A day exploring Bratislava: Slovakia’s charming capital

Europe has some of the most charming capitals in the world. They are often centuries old cities with artistic architecture and authentic expressions of unique cultures. Bratislava is no exception but we would argue its even better than most. It is an adorable little city that has everything enjoyable about Slovakian culture concentrated in a …

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Dec 26

How to make the most of Vienna Airport Austria

  Vienna International Airport is an excellent hub for connecting Europe with the rest of the world. Probably its best feature is that it is so well connected and yet feel very homey at the same time. Sure Munich or Frankfurt have even more connections, but they feel just massive. Vienna offers similar perks with …

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