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Oct 30

Why Abu Dhabi is fantastic to visit in low season

  Abu Dhabi is an essential trip for tourists to the UAE because of its importance as the capital Emirate and its recent expansion. Moreover it falls into one of our favorite off season destination because it is a place of affordable high luxury in March-May while maintaining milder temperatures. 

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Sep 11

Emirates Palace: a fantastic hotel managed by Kempinski in Abu Dhabi

  Abu Dhabi is a major draw to visitors to the Emirates these days. It has witnessed a period of steady growth in hotels, tourism venues, malls and leisure activities. The Emirates Palace remains one of the city’s earliest and top attractions since it is the second most expensive hotel ever built and boasts the …

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Aug 18

Can Abu Dhabi be seen on a day trip from Dubai?

  Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE and in recent years has seen growth equal to and even greater than Dubai.   Many tourists are now wishing to include it in their Dubai trip. Many wish to see it at least on a day trip excursion, is this a good use of time …

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May 20

How to travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

  Traveling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is extremely easy and very affordable. There are several possibilities and travelers can choose from whatever mode of transportation is more convenient for their travel plans.

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May 13

How to get a Tourist Visa to enter the United Arab Emirates

  The United Arab Emirates is a destination that prides itself on being tourist friendly but without sacrificing their culture and values.  Many countries do not need a visa to enter as tourists and those other nationalities of whom a Tourist visa is required beforehand can get it quite easily. This is because they have a very …

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