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Dec 08

How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Muang Airport

  Many travelers are currently looking for up to date information concerning how to transfer between Bangkok’s two airports: Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. In this travel tip we will explain the main way to get between both airports. Undoubtedly more people are now concerned with this transfer as Air Asia, the popular low cost airline …

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Dec 06

How does the visa on arrival work in Thailand?

  Citizens of 19 countries can avail themselves of Thailand’s Visa on Arrival procedure which can save a lot of pre-trip hassle. It is important to be sure you have all the proper intent and documentation so that your immigration experience is expedient and stress free.

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May 11

How to travel affordably from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok City Center

  The quickest and most efficient way of reaching Bangkok’s central district and MTR intercity metro and BTS Skytrain is by taking the Airport Rail Link. The city is huge and the distance from the airport can be up to an hour in cabs and buses. While cabs and buses aren’t too expensive here, one may …

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Apr 02

How to see Bangkok using the river highway

  Most great cities are associated with memorable rivers. They are characteristic of life giving water, fertile soil deposits and panoramic views pleasant to live by. The Chao Phraya is no different, yet it has its own allures.

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Mar 15

Here’s how to get the most of your first trip to Thailand

  Chances are if you haven’t yet been to Thailand, you may be wondering what really to expect. It is certainly a destination that people are talking about more and more. So for a first time explorer, knowing what the best and most impressive use of your time will be is essential so that you …

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