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Dec 20

A recommended Taxi Hire in Nawpyitaw, Myanmar

  Our last trip to Myanmar and the capital city of Nawpyitaw was an experience which taught us much about the city. The information about the planned capital is sparse online. Not many tourists make it a destination since it is assumed to be uninteresting and only for government functions. Nothing could be further from …

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Sep 08

Top attractions in Naypyitaw Myanmar

  The exotic and curious nation of Myanmar has been steadily emerging as a destination to be discovered. While its cities like Yangon and Mandalay have been major stops for foreigners, most people have overlooked or been uninformed about Naypyitaw, the planned capital. It has been hailed a a “ghost town” or a “bizarre city.” …

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Jul 29

Traveling from Yangon to Naypyitaw in Myanmar

    Planning a trip from Yangon to Naypyitaw proved to be one of our best travel challenges yet. There is almost no information online about how to undertake this route and so we stepped into this adventure with very few resources. Happily however we are sitting in Naypyitaw right now, writing this article, enlightened …

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Jan 24

Tips when planning a trip to Myanmar

  It is indeed one of the most fascinating destinations on earth. It still keeps the feeling of an undistorted paradise. It is how many other Southeastern Asian countries were before the crowds of tourism, but things are changing, we have been reading a lot about Burma or Myanmar and more tourists are traveling there, …

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