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Aug 16

Madaba, Jordan’s destination for art, history and faith

This remarkable town in Northwestern Jordan is a unique city where history speaks through the art and architecture that spans centuries. Madaba is the fifth largest town in Jordan and situated equidistant from the capital of Amman and the Western border of the Dead Sea. The town serves as a major tourist destination for its own …

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Mar 23

Why this is a great time to plan a trip to Jordan?

  There has been a lot of conversation in the media about the trendiest destinations for this 2015, Jordan is indeed one of those, a wonderful country that has become a great example of tolerance and respect, with excellent policies to attract tourism and to offer pleasant stays to visitors. We have been in Jordan …

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Jan 05

Visiting the Christian sites of Jordan

  Some of the most defining places of the birth of Christianity are located in Jordan. it is sad that for years its importance has been almost ignored but in recent years more and more people are rediscovering the meaning and the dramatic beauty of these spiritual destinations. Pope Francis just days ago has been …

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Nov 04

Travel attraction: Ma’in Thermal Springs Jordan

  Situated just around twenty minutes Southwest of the historic Mosaic city of Madaba in Jordan, on twisty mountain roads near the Dead Sea, lies the oasis of Ma’in. The scenic hills are broken up by deep ravines in which lie clusters of palm trees as well as thermal waters of varying temperatures.

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Oct 31

Getting to and exploring Petra, Jordan

  It may be just one of the most iconic archeological sites in the world and certainly one of the most unique. Rome and the great wall of China are wonders of human engineering, but the half carved, half hewn rock canyons of Petra that now stand as the shell of a civilization are places …

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