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Feb 17

Why Kyoto Japan is considered a top Spring destination

  The Spring season is evocative of new life, color and the best time to visit in the destinations we’ve posted in the countdown, but nowhere is as iconic as Kyoto Japan, with the entire city bursting into the bloom of cherry blossoms. Kyoto is a city filled with intrigue and allure. Besides the optimal spring temperatures …

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Oct 06

Affordable transit between Osaka and Kyoto, Japan

  There are many different routes and transit offerings to take one from Osaka to Kyoto and back. We found so many online it seemed overwhelming. It depends also where you are coming from in either city. If from the airport in Osaka you will take different buses and trains than from in the city …

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Oct 02

Why Kyoto should be on your travel list in Japan

  Our first trip to Japan included a visit to the country’sĀ former capital: Kyoto. It is famous because it has centuries of majestic architecture, breathtaking gardens and scenic beauty to its name. The city has kept pace with the modern world as well, which allows for stunning modern architecture and design to sit side by …

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Aug 23

Western grocery stores in Osaka, Japan

  Japanese cuisine is unique and adventurous even if one has been exposed to it outside Japan. It is so unique and diverse from many Western diets that one could be a little overwhelmed or even hesitant about diving into a local market or shop. Our approach to travel is to experience the ins and …

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Aug 09

Korean Airlines Lounge Review: Kansai International Airport

  A recent trip from Osaka Japan allowed for us to experience the Korean Airlines Lounge in Kansai International Airport (KIX). This is the main airport for Osaka, Japan and the surrounding region with flights arriving from all over the world.

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