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Oct 23

The Raj Mahal Restaurant at the Oberoi Jaipur: This was our best Indian meal in India

We are vegetarians and India is a paradise for vegetarian travelers, still sometimes it is difficult to jump into such variety of dishes, flavors and spices. It can be very spicy hot or so exotic that may become difficult to grasp with fairness such a  rich cuisine.

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Jun 13

10 pictures I took in India with my iPhone that will make you want to be there now

  Just couple months ago armed with my curiosity and my iPhone I jumped into the streets of India to be inmmersed in an amazing place, a melting pot of sensations, colors and mystical experiences. From the far north in the highlands of the himalayas to the lush forest of the south India is truly …

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Jun 05

Jaipur: Why this is the place you don’t want to miss in India

    We arrived to Jaipur on our recent trip to India and we were really blown away by “the pink city”. It is historic as a place of trade, markets and fabulous palaces and compared to many other major Indian cities it is a very organized so it really gave us a great impression. …

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May 16

New luxury is born in India: The Conrad hotel in Pune

The Conrad hotel property marks the debut of the upper scale luxury brand of Hilton in India. It just opened in April 2016 and we were among the first guests. Pune is a thriving university town, it takes only three hours driving from Mumbai and it has its own international airport. 

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May 08

Shimla: the alpine beauty you never imagined existed in India

    In our recent wanderings in Northern India, we heard of the lore of Shimla. It is known as the Queen of the Himalayas. This area was in fact it was for years a leisure retirement spot for the British and local high class citizens. Shimla is a fascinating destination where beauty that is …

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