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Dec 28

A day exploring Xiamen: a city you should see in China now

    China is always showing us something new and Xiamen is the most recent discovery we’ve made. Its an ultra modern, scenic and fascinating city that we just recently enjoyed. Here’s what you can expect and why its a great call for your itinerary. 

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Dec 23

How to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Ferry

    Hong Kong International Airport offers many international connections at an affordable price, so it is not uncommon to see travelers arriving there and jumping to Shenzhen where many international corporations have offices or intentions to connect via Shenzhen International airport that offers many domestic flights to mainland China.

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Dec 01

How to prepare for a trip to China?

This coming December I will be visiting China again, it is my tenth trip. It is a fantastic country to visit, I have see it from North to South. A solo trip there is not very complicated but  there are a few important things to keep in mind when getting ready for such a great …

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Aug 12

Border Crossings from Hong Kong to Shenzhen China

  There are two major border points through which most travelers to Mainland China and Hong Kong cross the border. These are: Lo Wu/Luohu station (Hong Kong and China names respectively for the same place) Lok Ma Chau/Huanggang (Hong Kong and China names respectively for the same place).   On the Hong Kong side one is …

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Jun 09

Shanghai: Go there without plans and be amazed by the wonder!

  Shanghai  a major world metropolis for years it is a trendy city, a jewel of progress. This is the place to see from a modern skyscraper to a humble food cart that will blowup your senses, this city have it all and we are sure you don’t want to miss it

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