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Feb 22

Hotel Review: Rosewood Abu Dhabi

In a competitive market like the UAE one expects to find good service, but it can truly be said that Rosewood Abu Dhabi offers an above and beyond stay whether one is visiting for just one night or several weeks. The training of the staff and the elegance at every turn are what truly make …

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Feb 17

Why Kyoto Japan is considered a top Spring destination

  The Spring season is evocative of new life, color and the best time to visit in the destinations we’ve posted in the countdown, but nowhere is as iconic as Kyoto Japan, with the entire city bursting into the bloom of cherry blossoms. Kyoto is a city filled with intrigue and allure. Besides the optimal spring temperatures …

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Feb 11

Top ten things to see in Jerusalem

  Very few cities can compete with Jerusalem in history and religious importance. It is one of the most beloved destinations in the world and a powerful place where past and future melts to create this singular experience. Jerusalem is the heart of many religions and a great place to visit by those who love …

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Jan 27

Al Maryah Island: Abu Dhabi’s new attraction for lifestyle, luxury and leisure

  Things move fast in Abu Dhabi and in the Emirates as a whole. Just four years ago it seemed the first infrastructure was going up on Al Maryah Island (formerly known as Sowwah Island) today it is the heart of a new skyscraper neighborhood that will become yet another focal point for the city.

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Jan 03

Authentic Macanese cuisine in Macau

  The unique blend of two very distinct cultures is what defines Macau where you can see Bhuddist temples next to centuries old churches. It doesn’t end there however, the colonial rule of Portugal has left some very distinct impacts on the culture especially in the resulting Macanese food. 

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