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Oct 18

“Sodas” ideal places for authentic Costa Rican meals

  Costa Rica is a destination where tourist infrastructure is done very well, which means you can find roadside restaurants, hotel restaurants and places to eat anywhere from the beach to the rainforest. Most likely food will be a combination of local flavors and many outside influences from fast food to gourmet. 

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Jul 07

A place for Foodie discovery in San Jose, Costa Rica

La Ventana Meraki   We recently had the opportunity to savor a delicious new cuisine in San Jose Costa Rica. In this country traditional, homemade food is often what you will find in restaurants, alongside typical fast food corporations. Foodies like us rejoice however that La Ventana Meraki is serving up something completely new: Costa Rican Street …

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Jul 01

San Jose is not a tourist city: but if there is not a place to miss it is Plaza de la Cultura

  For a tourist who is spending some time in San Jose looking for touristy things to do, the best recommendation we have is to see is the Plaza de la Cultura area which is home to the National Theater and the Pre-Colombian Gold Museum.

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Jun 25

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

  Costa Rica is exploding with tourism and it has so much diversity to offer from mountains, beaches, rainforests and wonderful cities. Here are ten great things to see when visiting Costa Rica:

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Jun 22

Is there a reason to be concerned about Zika when traveling in Costa Rica?

  The recent spread of Zika throughout the Americas will of course be cause of concern to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region: Costa Rica. The question is: “does Zika virus pose a concern to travelers here?” The short answer is yes, but we will explain more about what that means …

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