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Feb 18

How to take a bus between the Medellin airport and city center

Medellin is a city that occupies a very unique position high in the mountains of Central Colombia. The city itself occupies a broad open valley, but the surrounding peaks and massive towers and skyscrapers make landing an airplane tricky business.

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Nov 10

Restaurant Recommendation in Medellin, Colombia: In Situ at the Botanical Garden

Medellin is a beautiful city. One that has gone through an impressive transformation during the last ten years. It went from being a destination with a kind of dubious reputation to being one of the most modern and attractive cities in Latin America. The botanical garden is a must for any visitor, in it is …

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Sep 02

Medellin Colombia: a city built on transit and transformation

A visit to Medellin itself is a complete education in how people see life and how getting around says so much about the city. It was a real shock coming from the fun-loving, haphazard tropical coast, to the mountains and valleys of Medellin where organization and a societal logistics are prized. 

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Aug 31

First Time Itinerary of Colombia

The country of Colombia is a more and more visited place for tourists these days as safety has improved and great infrastructure has come to the country. Low cost airlines, brand name hotels, tour companies and a breathtaking slice of nature in so many biomes makes this destination irresistible. 

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Jun 28

Avianca Airport Lounge Review: Sala VIP Bogota, Colombia

  In a recent transatlantic flight we enjoyed the opportunity to pass the time beforehand in the new El Dorado Airport. Everything is majestic and sharp and the Avianca Lounge equally so. In terms of layout, food options and connectivity it is a worthwhile place to spend time. 

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