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Sep 29

Rio de Janeiro: is this really the marvelous city?

The locals refer to it as Cidade maravilhosa (the marvelous city) and yes we knew it was a beach capital with stunning features, but nothing could have prepared us for the panoramic, friendly and vivacious town which we encountered on our recent visit between the olympics.

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Sep 13

What to do in Sao Paolo Brazil

The vision of Sao Paolo as seen from one of its thousands of skyscrapers is like a Manhattan that doesn’t end. In fact this city is 6.5 times as big as New York so the skyline is immense. With so many people, places and businesses it can be hard to decide what to do. Here’s …

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Sep 01

This may be the best pizza in the world: Braz Pizzeria from Sao Paolo

When you think of great, delicious pizza on a world class level, Italy, Chicago, New York probably come to mind. Sao Paolo Brazil may sound like an out of the way place, but it has the most pizzerias of any city and this strong tradition delivers a quality product which we can still taste even …

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Aug 27

How to get from the airport into and around Sao Paolo Brazil

  Sao Paolo Brazil is an organized city for its size, but mind you it is 6.5 times the size of New York. It is the biggest city of South America and a powerhouse for the country all this translates to big traffic jams with a massive population.  

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Oct 16

Visa regulations to enter Brazil and notes on the need for a transit visa on Brazil

Many countries can enter Brazil for tourism purposes for up to 90 days without the need of a tourist visa. This is the list of countries that can enter Brazil without visa but this information is for reference only, you should always confirm it with your nearest consulate

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