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Mar 23

Amazing Pizza in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

La Terraza Restaurant   San Juan del Sur is a blossoming surfers paradise, a treasure that has been becoming known to many in recent years. It is only around 40 minutes from the Costa Rican border and the drive from Managua is around two hours. It offers plenty of seaside hotels and restaurants like La Terrazza …

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Mar 10

Uruguay by bus, a great way to get around

On our most recent trip to Uruguay we made a combination of bus and car rental. It turns out depending on where you are going or what your schedule is can be the best way to plan your itinerary as we found car rentals to be affordable and bus tickets as well, even when the …

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Mar 01

Getting from Dulles Airport to Washington D.C. by bus

  We recently undertook this trip when flying into Washington and were first of all amazed at the scattered information available online . We determined that a bus link between the city and the airport existed but the details were unclear and in fact even at the airport the information desk had to look up …

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Feb 26

Shoulder Season deals in Park City, Utah USA

  Spring in Park City Utah was our first introduction to the place. Locals call it mud season because the warming and sunny days begin to melt the mountain snow. It is also referred to as shoulder season because it bridges the gap between the busy winter sports season and summer months.   What’s so …

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Feb 13

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most panoramic cities in the world

  There is no doubt why Brazilians refer to Rio as the marvelous city. It has color, festivals, beaches and culture in every aspect of living. All of this is inspired by the unforgettable beauty, the sharp panoramas and just surreal conditions that make the city picturesque.

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