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Jan 16

Paso Robles, Santa Ynez and San Luis Obispo: immersing ourselves in the less known wine country of California

I was not sure what to expect when arriving to California. I have heard it is beautiful and the lifestyle was quite nice but I have heard that about many other places and have not really been impressed once getting there.

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Jan 12

Beverly Hills: Luxury, money and style. Is it really worthwhile to visit it?

  Who has not heard the name of this exclusive Neighborhood? It is the hangout of many famous people, a shopping district for those with expensive taste and the filming location of many TV shows and movies we have been watching for years, but beyond all that Beverly Hills is quite a nice destination to …

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Dec 04

How to be a tourist in the Caribbean’s first city: Santo Domingo

  The Dominican Republic is an island of enchanted charm and beauty, almost anyone is familiar with the resorts and beaches of Caribbean appeal. Santo Domingo, the capital is lesser known to outsiders but it possesses some real charm for those who like history, culture and great urban living.   What attracted us to visit …

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Nov 23

Exploring Orlando beyond the theme parks

  Orlando is certainly well known and would not be the city it is without its world class theme parks and hotels. But whether you are just visiting once or several times you owe it to yourself to see the rest of the city. It is in fact very well organized, livable and enjoyable. So …

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Nov 13

Is the colonial center of Lima worth seeing?

  Many people arrive to Peru with the Andes in mind more than anything. Some may take the time to explore Lima which is something we highly recommend. Even if tourists stay in Lima it may just be for a night or near the airport. The colonial center of Lima is well worth the visit …

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