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Feb 13

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most panoramic cities in the world

  There is no doubt why Brazilians refer to Rio as the marvelous city. It has color, festivals, beaches and culture in every aspect of living. All of this is inspired by the unforgettable beauty, the sharp panoramas and just surreal conditions that make the city picturesque.

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Feb 10

What to do with a couple hours in Santiago Chile

  On a recent transfer flight between Argentina and Peru we had around 7 hours between flights and instead of staying in the airport lounge, we decided to hop into the city for a few hours to take in some food, wine and culture. Luckily it is a very short bus ride around 20 minutes …

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Feb 06

Montevideo is Uruguay’s beautiful coastal and cultural

  The capital city of the small nation of Uruguay may seem by the numbers to be just an average sized city, but it is quite populated and it has an enjoyable character that is unique which we enjoyed exploring.

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Jan 16

Paso Robles, Santa Ynez and San Luis Obispo: immersing ourselves in the less known wine country of California

I was not sure what to expect when arriving to California. I have heard it is beautiful and the lifestyle was quite nice but I have heard that about many other places and have not really been impressed once getting there.

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Jan 12

Beverly Hills: Luxury, money and style. Is it really worthwhile to visit it?

  Who has not heard the name of this exclusive Neighborhood? It is the hangout of many famous people, a shopping district for those with expensive taste and the filming location of many TV shows and movies we have been watching for years, but beyond all that Beverly Hills is quite a nice destination to …

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