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Aug 25

Airline Review: China Eastern Airlines

    Recent trips in around and stopping over in China allowed us to access the services of China Eastern Airlines, a national carrier. The distinctive white planes have a red and blue stripe down the side culminating in the outline of a swallow bird. This is China’s second largest carrier and one of the …

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May 20

Emirates Skywards: What you need to know about expiration of award Miles

    The Emirates Airline has a renowned level of service, high global connectivity, competitive rates and a straightforward booking process. All of these model business practices are reasons why we’ve not hesitated to book with them many times for all sorts of connections around the world. Their rewards miles expiration information for the members of …

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May 01

How reliable is it to fly low cost in Thailand?

Millions of tourists are arriving to Thailand every year, it is certainly one of the hottest destinations right now. There is a lot to see and to do in a country that offers everything. With the arrival of tourists there has been an explosion in services, tourist infrastructure and of course airlines.

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Mar 04

Airline Review: Azerbaijan Airlines

A good airline with great potential   Azerbaijan as a country has made a strong push to increase tourist infrastructure which includes, hotels, city logistics, a beautiful airport and a growing national airline. Skytrax currently awards Azerbaijan Airlines as a three star carrier. We can say the flagship carrier for the country has the makings …

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Feb 10

Turkish Airlines: A company that continues to impress!

Turkish Airlines is always changing, and this might seem like a bad trait in an airline, but not when it is always for the better!

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