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Oct 12

How to build your itinerary of Morocco

  Morocco is an exotic yet inviting destination for travelers with some experience. The beauty of North Africa is surreal, the mighty Atlantic, deserts, mountain ranges and various cultural traditions. Nowhere is it more concentrated in our experience than in Morocco, one of the most stable countries in the area.

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Oct 09

Ferry transport between Spain and Morocco

  The straight of Gibraltar is much narrower than one might think as it separates two major continents. The truth is that it is very easy to move from Southern Spain to Northern Morocco or vice versa on a trip. If you are visiting Spain’s costa del sol already it makes sense to take the …

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May 25

Can one rent a car in Morocco?

  Morocco is a really spread out country with unforgiving landscapes like the Atlas Mountains, vast deserts and miles of coastline roads for the Atlantic and Mediterranean. So it was not so much the country’s infrastructure and economy that had me wondering about the possibilities of renting a car, but what sort of challenges might …

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Apr 09

An essential tour of Tangier, Morocco

    Tangier is a Moroccan city which attracts many visitors because of its proximity to the Mediterrean. It is not as alluring as Fes or Marrakech, but it has attractions and an interesting blend of European and Moroccan influences. Whether by plane or by boat it is mostly accessed from nearby Spain and its affordability is …

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Mar 29

Tourist destinations for water sports and surfing

  Water sports and various forms of surfing can be found in different forms all around the world. The fact is that some areas differ in difficulty, may be crowded or even dangerous depending on one’s skill set. Here we will present a range of places that vary difficulties, number of persons and activity at …

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