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Dec 13

Bus transport between Cairo and Alexandria Egypt

  There are many options to go between Cairo and Alexandria. The trip over highway by car can run around 3.5 to 4 hours while buses and trains run shorter routes even with stops. The slight complications of renting a car in Egypt, plus the stress of navigating the outskirts of big cities like Cairo …

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May 31

How we enjoyed Cairo, Egypt on a first time visit.

  In the Egyptian capital there is plethora of things for travelers and tourists to explore, from the dusty archeological digs to the golden halls of five star hotel luxury. The city may have the reputation for doing things big, but that comes with a massive population, a long history and so many diverse things …

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Mar 23

Egypt ending its Visa on Arrival regime for individual visitors

    It has been officially announced by Egypt that as of May 15, 2015 Egypt will no longer be issuing the visa on arrival in the airport or at land crossings to individual travelers. 

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Oct 22

St Catherine’s Monastery Sinai Egypt

  Visitors to the far reaches of the Sinai desert these days are often more in search of resorts and reefs than they are for fasting and enlightenment. However that doesn’t mean others aren’t interested in pilgrimages or that may don’t have curiosity about long held holy sights in Sinai. One of the most famous …

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Oct 20

Resort Monte Carlo: Sharm el Sheikh

  Travelers to Sharm el Sheikh have some of the best resort options and hotel competition at their leisure in Egypt’s Red Sea coast. The newly rebranded Monte Carlo Hotel is the former Ritz Carlton property in an area called Um el Sid. It is conveniently just 20 minutes from the airport and even closer …

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