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Dec 13

Bus transport between Cairo and Alexandria Egypt

  There are many options to go between Cairo and Alexandria. The trip over highway by car can run around 3.5 to 4 hours while buses and trains run shorter routes even with stops. The slight complications of renting a car in Egypt, plus the stress of navigating the outskirts of big cities like Cairo …

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Nov 21

Touring the Medina, the most essential piece of Tunis, Tunisia

  The North African cities are almost always centered around abundant and labrynthine marketplaces. These hallowed alleyways are the stalls for shops of produce, clothing, jewelry, hot meals and all of life’s necessities.   In the modern bustle of spread out cosmopolitan cities, most of the world has forgotten how pedestrian shopping, chatter and browsing …

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May 31

How we enjoyed Cairo, Egypt on a first time visit.

  In the Egyptian capital there is plethora of things for travelers and tourists to explore, from the dusty archeological digs to the golden halls of five star hotel luxury. The city may have the reputation for doing things big, but that comes with a massive population, a long history and so many diverse things …

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Nov 26

Our introduction to Wine Tasting in South Africa

  The Western Cape province is a great bastion of wine tourism in South Africa. We easily accessed it from our first stop in Cape Town. What’s great for wine lovers is that just driving 20 minutes outside the city we came into contact with wonderful vineyards.

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Oct 25

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town South Africa

  Undoubtedly when you imagine what a trip to South Africa looks like stunning Cape Town probably makes up part of a majority of your mental image. It is easy to see why, the stunning formations of earth and the majestic oceans and bays create memorable scenes. 

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