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Cara cul Bere: An Authentic Romanian Cuisine in the heart of Bucharest



Romania is home to a family style culture which is set by traditional and savory foods. Caru’ cu bere is the most famous and delightful experience you can have of Romanian cuisine when visiting the country.

Caru’ cu bere struck a cord with us because not only does it offer Romanian familiar meals, but, passionate live music and classical architecture in a 100 year old space.


Where can I locate this quality Romanian food?

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The restaurant is located in the Romanian capital city of Bucharest and in its upscale district known as Lipscani. Meals are traditional Romanian plates of breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course desserts. The restaurant has its own beer brewed for its customers and it goes well especially with the hearty variations of potatoes, meats and often stuffed versions of all sorts of vegetables.



The time and place

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It is open every day of the week with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Here one will see large gatherings of families and friends and all sorts of celebrations especially on weekends, so it may be advisable to reserve in advance if one is with a larger group.


Expressions of culture and cuisine

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The staff really deliver an enjoyable experience in their proper evergreen vests and bowties, Service is an honored profession and there are great standards to watch unfold.. The interior décor and atmosphere makes use of a lot of wood, beautifully symmetrical paintings, bordering and design on the walls and ceiling and exquisite use of stained glass windows and chandeliers.


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The best part of this restaurant is that one can have an authentic meal, at excellent prices and still enjoy the upscale and well-preserved encounter with the high culture of Bucharest and Romania in an historic setting.



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