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Choose San Ramon, Costa Rica for your next canopy tour

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Whether you’ve never done a canopy tour before or you’ve done many the feeling is always exhilarating. At least that’s what I tell myself every time I strap on the harness and go soaring through the jungle for an adrenaline rush!


I’ve been able to enjoy and commune with some of the most beautiful tropical nature in a way that is sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable to be honest, many times in nature rich Costa Rica. sanluis - 1

My most recent experience involved Parque Aventuras San Luis which is near the town of San Ramon around one hour from the capital city of San Jose. To give you an idea of how close and accessible it is, I did the canopy tour around 8am on a Sunday morning and I was comfortably at the airport awaiting my flight out around 12:30pm.


The park is very easy to locate and access. It is part of a greater corridor of nature known as Paso de las Nubes. There are literally cloud formations rolling through these tropical hills at any point of the day which makes it cool and unique during the length of the visit.

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I can honestly say this was my most enjoyable zip-line, canopy tour to date. The variety of runs, the spectacular nature and the finale were something altogether unforgettable. As you arrive to the main office there is a gear station where you can get set up, a bird watching platform, a small restaurant, souvenir stand and cashier to pay for your excursion.


The Canopy Tour:

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The canopy tour consists of 12 zip lines which run pretty high up into the trees. English and Spanish speaking guides are with you the whole way to assist in your navigation of the forest safely. There is a Tarzan swing station which if you don’t know what that is, just wait and see! The canyon and river are below you almost the entire time in the trip and at the end a “superman cable” provides a 100m high 45 second long ride over the whole cloud forest allowing your hands and feet free reign as you lay on your stomach and “fly.” This was the part that really sold me on this place. The cost is $65.00 USD


Hanging Bridge Tour:

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For those who like to see nature at a more leisurely pace and or with feet on the ground. There is a hanging bridge network that moves around the canyon floor. An 1800 meter trail hosts 6 suspension bridges complete with a dedicated hummingbird and butterfly garden. The expert guides will be happy to point out much of the diverse flora and fauna on site. The cost of this is $35.00 per person.




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