Nov 10

Canada: as seen through the eyes of travelers!



Canada is the world’s second largest country and while much of it is wild and remote, this is in fact one of its greatest draws for travelers. The combination of stunning natural beauty on land, sea, rivers, glaciers and islands is wonderfully matched by its metropolitan cities and charming towns.


Recently we hosted a chat on Twitter about travel to Canada and many residents, travelers and people who’ve only dreamed of going came together to share their highlights, thoughts and bucket lists for this fascinating country. Here we share some of the highlights for your next trip.


Cultural appeal:


Many folks suggested that if you want to have that European feel and style, you need to get to Montreal and Quebec. Beautiful architecture, squares, churches like St. Joseph’s Oratory and Notre Dame are just some of the wonders. Don’t think its all old world, Montreal has a thriving nightlife too! Butchart Gardens in British Colombia have the feel of a charming palace. Quebec City has renowned restaurants!


Amazing hotels and resorts:


A land of such dramatic beauty and wide open space leaves room for impressive hotels and resorts. Whether it is the Flagship Four Seasons in Toronto, or the world famous Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland or one of the majestic Fairmont properties in Western Canada, hospitality has many venues to be explored.


Ways to explore the Natural Environment:


There are so many outdoor activities available. Travelers recommended Hiking in the Kananaskis, Skate in Rideau Canal in Winter, Visit Lake Louise & Banff National Park, See Fall in Jasper, Winter Sports in Whistler, Hike the Chilkoot Trail in Yukon, Canoe the Nahanni in Northwest Territories.  Take the Rocky Mountaineer a luxury train experience in Canada that goes cross country.




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