May 25

Can one rent a car in Morocco?

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Morocco is a really spread out country with unforgiving landscapes like the Atlas Mountains, vast deserts and miles of coastline roads for the Atlantic and Mediterranean. So it was not so much the country’s infrastructure and economy that had me wondering about the possibilities of renting a car, but what sort of challenges might exist for the use of a vehicle.


It turns out that renting a car in Morocco is as straightforward as in any other standard country around the world, with few to little caveats. Renting a car can be an excellent idea to take in the various styles of cities, geographic terrain and sections of the country.


Necessary items:

A drivers license and a passport are both required for renting a vehicle in Morocco. Both documents are required to have a photo of you that reasonably matches your appearance and each other.



In Morocco car rental agencies require you to purchase insurance for the rental car from them which may invalidate the insurance you get through your credit card coverage. It is a good idea to call your credit card company ahead of time and confirm that even if you cannot decline the Moroccan insurance your credit card will cover you or not.

Some tourists who are not familiar with more aggressive styles of driving are wary of renting in Morocco, however in metropolitan areas it is very comparable to other large cities around the world. One should be mindful of all traffic laws and speeds. In this case many people opt to hire a driver which is a commonly practiced custom.


Competitive rentals:

In Morocco one can choose from international chains such as Europcar Budget and Hertz but there are any number of local rental agencies which may bargain and haggle down to rates around 20-25 Euros per day. These homegrown agencies will of course not have the fleets and functionality that the larger chains can offer.



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