Jul 23

Café Sidi Chebaane: Tunisia’s coastal panorama



Tunisia is a North African Country of wonder and history. It is the home to Roman, Phoenician and Carthiginian ruins of centuries gone by and the capital city of Tunis is a city with ancient markets, ample hotel attractions and scenic walks. Many of the historic things to do and beautiful places to see are waiting just a twenty-minute bus or train ride outside the city. A city by the sea with a memorable market, rolling hills, typical homes and panoramic café is Sidi Bou Said.

The visitor to Sidi Bou Said can expect lots of typical restaurants, unique photo opportunities of blue and white houses, breathtaking stone paved streets and panoramas far and wide of the shining blue Mediterranean Sea that hugs the hills and ancient landscape. Sitting just at the end of the main pedestrian street that forms the backdrop of this seaside village is the Café Sidi Chebaane. It is known far and wide as a place for excellent food, tea, coffee, desserts and hookah. It has no obstructed views of the sea and surrounding landscape, but instead it is a terraced restaurant on the side of a sea cliff. This allows for upwards of several hundred guests to sit in comfortable couches and benches as each looks out without disturbing the views of others.


Service is straightforward and the staff speak a variety of languages. Orders were fulfilled promptly and the waiters are constantly making the rounds in order to provide an exceptional experience. Food ranges from typical Tunisian fare to more international orders as well. Prices are affordable and there is never any sense of being rushed, you have the stunning outpost for your delight as long as you see fit.


For many this café is a perfect spot to enjoy lunchtime. As a recommendation, first try and explore Sidi Bou Said and then stop here for an early or late lunch. This will give one enough time to move on to the next town along the seacoast to visit the ruins of Carthage. Know that Saturdays are by far the most crowded days at the Café Sidi Chebaane so if you can come any other day it will be more enjoyable. Many delicacies are worth trying, but especially the combination of pine nuts and mint tea are traditional favorites to enjoy with the sea breeze.



Tunisia is a country with dominant natural beauty, it is a place that is safe and welcoming and the experiences one can have at a café such as this allows one to be truly immersed in the pleasant gastronomic and cultural harmony of such an ancient and panoramic land.




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