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Cabbage Key Inn, Island and Restaurant in SW Florida



Nestled between the islands of Florida’s Southwestern coast sits the little getaway of Cabbage Key. It is an iconic place for lovers of island songs and the restaurant and island inn has been hailed for its seafood and paradise themed cheeseburgers. Whatever the association that draws one here, it is a little daytrip easily taken by private boat or ferry from the mainland to see a largely undisturbed slice of Florida.


The island occupies roughly 100 acres and is complete with a forest canopy, lawns and dirt trails. There are no motor vehicles on the island and the only way to get here is by boat. The ferry service runs from nearby Pine Island which is attached by a causeway bridge to the Fort Myers/ Cape Coral metro area. Island Girl Charters is one of the more frequented carriers with boats leaving between 7:00am and 5:00pm daily with more frequent intervals in the winter high season and less frequent intervals in the summer low season. Pine Island Charters and Tropical Star cruises are among the several other companies that offer packages and day trips to the various islands.


The Cabbage Key layout is perfect for day trippers and more extended stays. Those arriving for a daytrip can tour the island trails, walk up a panoramic watchtower, browse novelties at the gift shop and enjoy the famed food in an iconic establishment. The interior of the dollar bill bar is decorated with hundreds of thousands of dollar bills. It is a tradition that dates back for some time with people leaving a dollar taped to the walls or ceiling as a sign that they were here.


Writers, painters, fishermen, and nature enthusiasts alike will be at home for the day or perhaps even longer. Accommodations are centered on rooms at the Inn and seven cottages. Each one is unique, varied and uncomplicated. All reflect the amenities of a simpler time, with plenty of modern conveniences too. Here one will be assured of otherworldly peace and quiet, especially when the restaurant traffic departs at the end of the day.


For those with their own boats or even some kayak rentals, the possibilities to explore around are endless. There is Cayo Costa state park just nearby with miles of tree-lined shores housing all sorts of fish, birds and wildlife. The opportunity to visit just for the day or to stop and stay a while are equally rewarding and appreciated by many.




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