Nov 08

What’s Buenos Aires like for tourists nowadays?



With some of the economic and political changes happening in the country we were hearing that Buenos Aires had gone downhill or lost its charm. Luckily we had the chance to explore for ourselves on a recent visit to Buenos Aires to see that it is still a wonderful place to visit with a great quality of life.


The airport of arrival was Newberry which is a great option if you have the choice because it is just minutes from the downtown. The other airports are up to 45 minutes away from the city. Uber works perfectly here to get anywhere around the city. Our driver picked us up right by the arrivals door in record time.


We know it may not be the same for locals, but for visitors this is quite an affordable city. We stayed the first part of the trip in the stylish Recoleta neighborhood where the hotel was within walking distance of everything. The place was called Urban Suites,  which was offering a great breakfast, large room and wonderful furnishings for a great price. These boutique all suite style hotels are more common in the city than the International chains or room only establishments.


The city seems to be even more beaautiful than before, it is extremely clean and very European with stylish and super friendly people as well as excellent restaurants. One of the coolest things about Buenos Aires is that there is a unique district with its own personality in every part of town. Palermo, San Elmo, and Puerto Madero just to name a few.



Of course it is a capital city with good and bad parts, but it feels really safe to go around. There are wide boulevards with excellent expressions of architecture, parks, gardens, concerts, theaters, bookshops and a unique life and culture in bars and cafes where people get together and talk for hours and everything stays open well after midnight and it is a place to really enjoyed for food culture and scenery.




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