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There is a place where you can travel the world without leaving the building? Try The British Museum

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Every time I get to London I somehow find my way to the British Museum. I’m not a museum connoisseur by any stretch but when I do find one I like, it will often draw me back. So why is the British Museum such a draw for this traveler? A few reasons:

  1. Its free
  2. Its collection covers diverse civilizations
  3. The collection spans all recorded history
  4. There is always something new

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The British Museum is bound to have something to interest everyone. It covers artifacts that relate to science, history, anthropology, art, archeology and beyond.


A collection of ages and empires

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The collection is in itself a reflection of the far ranging power and influence the British Empire had during the colonial era. There is certainly some controversy over whether the Museum has the right to all these international items of various patrimonies, but it cannot be said that they are not well cared for and given the best possible access which is up close and free.


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The museum can easily be a full or several day quest, but even a few choice hours are well worth it. It is open from 10:00am till 5:30pm each day and open late Friday evenings till 8:30pm. It is most easily reached at the Tottenham Court Road Metro station. Several Buses that have this stop are easily accessible too. Cyclists should know there is ample bike rack space outside.


The rundown

It houses over 8 million pieces in its entire collection and it is truly a multinational place with interactive displays, audio guides and signs in every major world language. Its educational programs and seasonal displays highlight historic themes and loan objects from other museums, which make it a unique place even for someone with regular access.


Best use of your time

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For the tourist who cannot spend a full day it is best to look up ahead of time where exactly halls of interest might be. The museum has an interactive website and in the place itself there are maps of the galleries divided into the appropriate regions and time periods. Any time spent here will surely be rewarding and there are a whole range of educational, shopping, souvenir and food entities in the central court of the Museum.





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