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This may be the best pizza in the world: Braz Pizzeria from Sao Paolo

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When you think of great, delicious pizza on a world class level, Italy, Chicago, New York probably come to mind. Sao Paolo Brazil may sound like an out of the way place, but it has the most pizzerias of any city and this strong tradition delivers a quality product which we can still taste even days after our meal!


Setting out to find the perfect Pizza

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When we arrived to Sao Paolo we knew it was a pizza capital. This city is 6.5 times the size of New York and so we hit the streets hoping to find a good place to have a pizza lunch. We were shocked however that most pizzerias were closed or restaurants that were open would not serve it.

It is something almost sacred in Brazil that pizza is served only for dinner. A restaurant owner we spoke to said the ovens never turn on before 3pm and pizza here is only served after 6pm. Only fast food pizza chains will be open before this.


What makes Pizza in Sao Paolo so good?

We’ve had great pizza in some of the top places we’ve mentioned above. All have their winning qualities, but what stands out about the pizza in Brazil is that it is elaborate but simple, gourmet but artesian. There is a strong culture and demand for quality which makes it more than a simple dish, but really a social, cultural and culinary art form which people enjoy with gusto and expectation.


The Braz experience of Pizza

Once we understood when we could enjoy pizza, we rescheduled our plans to have what local friends told us was the best experience of Pizza: Braz. This restaurant provides a wonderful experience of quality service, fresh ingredients, artistic preparation and savory surprises.

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Here are a few tips to get the most out of a visit to Braz

Arrive early the later you arrive the longer the wait.

Order appetizers outside to pass any wait time.

Reservations are essential, they can be done online.

Its a good place to try wine, Brazilian vineyard Salton makes some special wines just for Braz.

Locations: 5 in Sao Paolo and 2 in Rio and 1 in Campinas Brazil.


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