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Azamara Club Cruises: step into luxury on the sea!


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The Cruise Industry is something amazing, it normally fulfills the imagination of travelers striving to provide one of a kind experiences where almost everything is included, with fascinating destinations and worry-free travels. But in a niche where it seems everything has been already said, Azamara Club cruises took another step forward redefining the whole experience.


Azamara caters to a very specific target, discerning travelers who do not mind to spend what is necessary to get the perfect vacation experience. The company was founded in 2007 and relaunched in 2009, they have two luxurious vessels: The Azamara journey and the Azamara quest. Every trip is carefully crafted, offering unique destinations in the most exotic corners around the world. Those on board of such luxurious vessels will experience many more amenities that here are really all inclusive: such as the biggest rooms, gourmet restaurants, water and soft drinks included all together with gourmet coffee and premium wines with lunch and dinner.


One of the regrets that many cruise travelers experience is the desire of staying a little longer in the destinations along the way. With Azamara Club cruises there is no rush, but actually in many of the most attractive stops the cruise stays overnight to be able to bring the opportunity to travelers to experience the night side of the place.


Among some of the most desirable trips Azamara Club cruises sail to the Black Sea and the Holy Land, Argentina and Brasil for New Year’s Eve and fireworks in Copacabana Beach, The French and Italian Rivieras, the Greek Islands and the lesser traveled Islands of the West Indies and many other beautiful corners of the world.


Suite guests can expect even more with the personalized service of a butter during the whole trip who will take care of all the minimum details to made the journey unforgettable. Another of the great things is that services on board of the cruises are always certainly All-inclusive since not even gratuities are expected.


The company likes to present their vessels as ones that offer country-club like service catering to informed, educated and well traveled guests. There are never more than 700 passengers on board and a ratio of one to one passenger to personnel.


One fact that we know is that this kind of cruise is not for everyone, but everybody will enjoy to have such an experience at least once in a lifetime, This is the way to maximize time, to really take advantage of the experience and to feel like at home away from home, and we are talking here of a very luxurious home.


Azamara Club cruises do not come for cheap, that is true. But the experience is so amazing, the service so unique and the perks so many that it is really worthwhile.


Among the many impressive programs Azamara Club offers one that is targeted to golfers allowing them to play in some of the most amazing golf courses before, during or after the cruise, certainly something not to miss for golf lovers.


The relaxation and welling facilities onboard are simply sensational with many places for intimate relaxation, a first class spa, a gym and many other corners to enjoy one can get a lifestyle on board as active or as relaxed as one prefers.


Azamara Club Cruises are beyond the normal cruising expectation, experiences that certainly one will treasure for their whole life and most likely will like to repeat.


We invite you to click on the pictures to enjoy a virtual trip on board of the Azamara Ships!


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  1. Tirun Travel Marketing

    Wow… It is such a gorgeous, Azamara Club Cruises is a world class deluxe cruise experience for discerning travelers who long to reach unusual destinations and indulge in amenities and service unparalleled on the high seas. A boutique cruise line, Azamara is the last word in sophisticated cruising on small, but extremely comfortable ships that offer personalized service to its guests.

    Small intimate ships – allows access to ports worldwide, where bigger ships are unable to reach.
    Sail to unique destinations. Azamara Club Cruises may be the very best way to visit the ports of the Mediterranean Sea and visit place known and unknown
    More overnights and longer stays in ports
    Offers immersive, unique and ‘off the beaten path’ excursions
    Complimentary shuttle bus in ports
    Complimentary self service laundry
    Preferred vintage red and white wine with your meals
    True English butler service
    Destination flavoured entertainment
    AzAmazing evenings Events that include local dining and presents the sounds and colour of the local culture

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