May 23

Recommended Restaurant: Logge Vasari Arezzo, Italy



When exploring the unique and typically Tuscan streets of Arezzo it seems as if every storefront, restaurant and café is intimately inviting. One certainly worth looking out for is Logge Vasari. The cuisine is well crafted, the view is impressive and the setting ancient. Logge Vasari occupies just a small portion of an old palace on the central square of the city of Arezzo. There is a cozy setting inside and outside is just as lovely as one can have uninhibited views of the ornate and busy square.


The restaurant once began as a small family establishment but has since become a place serving elegant and refined dishes from the region. Not to worry however it still has that cozy, intimate vibe to it. Dishes highlight Tuscan specialties. There is a lot of truffle used in the cooking as well as mushrooms. The restaurant specializes in old favorites and new creations. Some old dishes include: bread soup, Pappa al Pomodoro ( a kind of meat, tomato, potato and bread stew) and Tuscan Chianina Steak. Many of the appetizers and pasta dishes are flavorful creations and savory delights too.


rest2The outside seating area gives one the possibility of enjoying a view of the square and enjoying a shaded spot during the day. Oftentimes the space is also occupied by the employees of the restaurant. Oftentimes one can watch as the owners and staff make pastas by hand or make certain specialties which shows how fresh and homemade it all is. Service is prompt and friendly. The restaurant offers many little treats and side dishes complementary, for instance they brought complementary prosecco for us to drink as we looked at the menu on a hot day. The menu is also friendly for vegetarians and offers an abundance of healthy options too. Logge Vasari is hard to miss since it is so well located and it is a place that offers excellent food, service and quality in a beautiful corner of an enticing Tuscan town.



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