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Ankara Esenboga Airport Review

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The capital city of Turkey, Ankara is a city which is adding a lot to its traveler attractions especially as regards infrastructure, hotels and attractions. The city of the Anatolian plains is packed with history and is just one place among many fascinating spots in the greater country. Turkey used to be a bigger adventurer destination as travelers would reach Ankara after massive long haul bus rides. Today however with the success of Turkish Airlines and the integration of many transcontinental routes and the country’s overall rise to prominence, Esenboga Airport is the preferred method of arrival.


First impressions

Upon arrival to the airport it is easy to see that while the site has been in service since the 1950’s, the terminal buildings are significantly much newer. In fact the use of natural lighting, high ceilings and various comfortable places to rest, relax and socialize make the airport an excellent place to spend time. What is more, due to the location of the airport, it can be several hours from the Middlle East, Asia or Western Europe, thus flights may arrive late and depart early leaving one to spend some time in the airport.


The airport is easy to navigate and while it is quite large and grand, it has the feel of a smaller airport. This has good and bad effects. It is easy to navigate and there are plenty of seats, however waiting to get the visa on arrival and the security line for departure took longer than they should have simply because there were a limited number of personnel working.


Shopping, Dining and Accommodation 


There are several duty free stores that have a decent selection of items. Likewise when one is in the arrivals hall outside security there are magazine stands where one can buy the bus tickets that go into the city as well as, any sort of basic necessities one may have left behind, aspirin, toothpaste etc. As far as Dining goes there are venues in domestic and international sections of both arrivals and departures. Some of the cafes are 24 hours, especially those in the arrival hall. Some of the restaurants just before the second security check are open 24 hours such as Resto, Tadinda and the Greenport. They specialize in self service and Turkish foods. Other places are open from 07:00-23:00 daily which include fast food venues. Sky restaurant is a good place for some healthier options. As of yet there are no airport hotels on site, however airport sleepers can find some nice chairs to relax on if necessary. There are also several lounges in the airport some of which operate 24/7. THY CIP Lounge is one such venue, however it caters mostly to Turkish Airlines First and Business Class. Is bank Millennium lounge is also a 24 hour venue in the international departures area. Lounges offer the only free wifi available in the airport, otherwise it is a paid service. The domestic terminal also has lounge facilities.


For information on transport services see our article on moving to and from the airport and the city.

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