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The places you may be overlooking in a trip to Germany



Being situated right at the heartland of the European Continent with so much to see and layers of history, nature and culture to uncover, Germany is a monumental place to explore. For a general itinerary of the country I would recommend dividing the country into North and South regions and spending a week in each. Still this is a lot to cram into any one trip. So if one has to settle on a certain area, I’d recommend a dedicated trip to Southern Germany, a unique and enchanting place.


Where to begin:




Being situated in the midst of the German heartland and serving as a major International airport connecting Europe to the rest of the world makes Frankfurt an amicable place to begin one’s journey. The city is easily reached from the airport via public transit and if one wants to rent a car for the duration of the itinerary Frankfurt airport has some of the best prices and variety to choose from. The city itself is a place of financial industry, culture, arts and modern thrills. Enjoy the parks and gardens as well as the fine gastronomy and performing arts.


Baden Baden:

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A trip South brings one into the great western forests, hills and castles of Germany’s border country with France. The German rail system is well organized and frequent trains provide for almost any combination of routes daily. Still if one wants to try the autobahn experience and have the freedom to take photos, explore castles and make an occasional stop, a car is a great option.  Baden Baden is a look at a famous German city founded around hot mineral springs. The hotels, restaurants and atmosphere is classical, intimate and unique. Even if not staying overnight, there are lockers, hourly passes and ample parking to enjoy the hot springs and the full range of facilities.



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At this point it is time to swing Eastward into the heart of the southland. Here the realms of the Blackforest give way to rolling fields full of cattle and grains. Stuttgart is a town with a long history of innovation and technology. It is home to Mercedez Benz and a giant museum dedicated to the brand. There are many famed patents and technological industries centered here too. Most of all the beautiful streets, ornate churches and ample parks make it a quiet city with a lot of thinking and production going on.



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No trip to the Southern realms would be complete without Munich. This town is the epicenter of great history, renowned churches, famous brews and culinary traditions and a wealth of fertile countryside and panorama known as Bavaria. A visit around Oktoberfest can be quite crowded by stop by anytime to enjoy the refined hotels, intimate beer halls and moving museums one can explore.


From here one can simply head straight back to Frankfurt as there is much direct transit and major roads between the two cities. If you have time for one more stop, you can complete the full circle back to Frankfurt by stopping in Nuremburg, a city of ancient and modern fame.




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