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An Itinerary of Kruger National Park South Africa



Located in the Northeastern region of South Africa, Kruger National Park is one of the largest reserved areas in the entire continent. Its geographic boundary includes major markers like the Limpopo and Crocodile Rivers with a subtropical climate. June through October is the ideal time to visit as it is dry season which brings more animals to watering holes and makes transport easier. Herein we recommend an itinerary of park visitation.




There are 9 major gates which serve as official entrances to the park. To get around the park one absolutely needs a car so many tourists rent and drive the distance from Johannesburg Airport. Park Gates close around 5:30pm in certain months and 6:30pm at latest in other months, so it is essential to arrive before closing either to get to one’s lodge or camping spot. Crocodile Bridge is the closest gate to Johannesburg at 475km.





Camping is a renkowned tradition in the park and a great way to be in the midst of the action. In the designated areas there are 21 rest camps. Here one can make use of caravans, tents, or motor homes to bed down for the night. For planning purposes of viewing animals it makes sense to be up early with the daylight and to move on to the next campsite with plenty of time. Distances between campsites can take hours and the average speed is 18kmh. Camping is very popular among families and backpackers.



Private Lodges:


There are 15 private lodges in the park whose facilities range from budget hotels to acceptable luxury camping. In general it is a good policy to have reservations, but one can often find a night open the day of if necessary. Many recommend spending 2 nights in one place before moving on to another lodge in the park. This gives the chance for several safaris in one place and time for rest so as not to be staying in a different location every night. Food and restaurants in general are ok, but have the obvious limitations of being far from any major city.




As far as unorganized discovery goes, there are nine major trails which tourists can explore at their leisure. In the wilderness areas there are no trails. Guided safaris can be arranged via companies outside the park or the interior lodges. There are safaris to fit every type of trip: honeymoons, family, luxury, adventure and cultural.




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