Mar 25

Airport Review: Tampa International Airport



Sitting just six miles from the busy center of Tampa and with speedy access to the entire Tampa Bay area, including St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Tampa International Airport offers a broad range of destinations and a modern facility with plenty of travel options.




Major highways which connect Florida’s West coast and even arriving from Orlando make the airport a breeze to find. The airport has a major rental car setup, since so many travelers come on vacation. Local hotels like the Grand Hyatt and others in the area provide shuttles.


Local area transit


The system known as HART provides a daily transit service running to downtown Tampa for around $2.00 one way. The line to take is Route 30. ocated at the East end of the Red Baggage Claim Curbside by Baggage claim belt 15. Taxi’s to downtown Tampa run a flat $25 normally, all other areas are metered.



Further afield shuttles


Red Coach at the Red 2 outdoor stop provides shuttle buses and transportation from anywhere between Miami and Tallahassee. There are shuttle companies that will bring passengers from Sarasota Airport for around $50 as well.


General layout


The overall layout of the airport is considered optimal by many visitors. The area in the terminals is high and spacious without being too spread out. The logistics employ a horizontal airport strategy, which makes many passengers happy at their overall experience. There is lots of glass and light colored walls which allow for the beautiful sunshine to pour in. For departures the check in area is easily navigable. Once checked in one goes to a terminal platform where a shuttle train brings you to your security check and departure hall. This makes security move much faster as it provides several locations. Overall having used the airport frequently, I should note that planes generally depart on time, luggage is delivered promptly and airport staff are courteous and engaged in their work.




There are several on site lots for parking, short term and long term. A good benefit for passengers coming in quickly is that short term parking is free for 1 hour. The parking garage is a beautiful high rise, with the top level being a popular spot for people to park to watch the planes land and take off. There is also a cell phone waiting lot for those who have a very short wait just around the corner from the arrivals hall.





Most appreciated among the airport services and amenities is the free WiFi. It gives a good string signal everywhere around the airport. For guests needing to stay on site there is an excellent Marriott hotel connected to the terminal via walkways. The airport offers a host of chain restaurants from national notoriety as well as some local establishments and some featuring locally brewed craft beer as well. There is a lost and found, tourism booth, USO Welcome center and first aid station. With all of this accessibility and welcoming vibe, it is no wonder Tampa Airport claims the name: America’s Favorite Airport.





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