May 06

Airport Review: Denver International Airport




Sitting atop the Rocky Mountain plains, Denver International Airport is a great gateway to the American West. Oftentimes traveling cross country means that direct flights can be quite expensive, but after having stopped in Denver on multiple occasions, we find it a relaxing and enjoyable place to make a transit. It might make your tickets more affordable too. It is a large facility no doubt, but its use of space and layout makes it seem more intimate and inviting.


Due to the changeable nature of the wind and weather, the number of passengers (consistently ranked in the top 20 busiest airports in the world by passenger traffic) and the previous space related issues of Denver’s Stapleton International Airport, DEN was built with the idea of space and expansion in mind. It occupies a space of 54 sq. miles, the largest in the U.S. in total area. It is truly international, serving non stop flights from the Americas, Europe and Asia. Additionally many domestic carriers in the states are routing to and through it.


At first glance the airport has a new look and feel even when it is almost 20 years old. The carpeting, moving walkways, art, sculpture and architecture have a polished look to them. One can easily walk through the concourse and see gate signs with digital flight information displayed outwardly. That way one doesn’t have to be peeking into every gate area to see the number and flight departing from there. Alongside the moving walkway at regular intervals are large display signs with all the departing flights, more than enough to prevent large groups of people standing around a small group of signs looking for gate information.


As one follows the straight layout from the Jeppesen terminal it is possible to move into one of the three Concourses (A,B and C) which are spaced far apart. Concourse A is for American Airlines and International Arrivals, Concourse B is for United which has a big hub here and Star Alliance members and Concourse C is for Delta. The moving walkways are recommended between Concourses as well as the inter-concourse train.


Overall Denver Airport has consistently been rated as a great place for variety and healthy food options. The food court within Concourse B is a multi tiered, circular atrium with great views and artwork. Places like Wolfgang Puck Express bring a unique twist on the normal fast food airport options. The use of renewable energy sources such as solar power also make the airport an innovator in green design and feasibility.




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