Oct 03

Airport Review: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport



Dallas – Fort Worth International Airport has been a good experience overall. This is a huge airport with good facilities, and may flights to diverse destinations in United States, Latin America and even Europe and beyond. The airport flows very well, there are many restaurants, shops and everything a traveler may need during ones time connecting in an international airport of this size.


There are several different terminals to which have been assigned letters from A to E. Airlines are distributed by terminal and American Airlines occupies several of the terminals. Probably the best one is the terminal D, this as well seems to be the newest one. All the terminals are interconnected by an elevated monorail, it arrives quite frequently and the interior is clean and comfortable. Depending which one has been the terminal of arrival and in which one is connecting a passenger can take up to 20 minutes to go from one gate to another, so it is something good to keep in mind when planning the trip.


The building themselves are kept in good shape, even the older terminals are clean. Bathrooms are quite spotless, I saw personnel in each single one of the bathrooms cleaning. One of the big pluses of the airport is that there is free internet, and it is certainly fast. Not many airports in United States offer free internet and I definitely never have experienced such a fast service.


One can easily find all kinds of regular dinning venues from traditional fast food chains to some more elaborate and even high class restaurants such as steak houses and Italian restaurants.


As is usual in the United States there are many hotels around the airport, but there is one that calls the attention this is the Grand Hyatt in terminal D. It is an excellent hotel, with attentive service, modern design and great rooms. Truly beyond the expectations of what one awaits to find in other airport hotels.


Another good thing is the abundance of information screens along all the terminals, besides that, personnel seem to be quite attentive and ready to help passengers, there are many Spanish speaking travelers and a lot of those working in the airport are bilingual, this really is a plus for those traveling from or to Latin America.


Dallas – Fort Worth International airport is raising the bar for airport expectations in United States, a country that traditionally does not offer airport experiences as good as the ones that are possible to find in Europe.


Connecting trough Dallas – Forth Worth , Texas has been a very pleasant event. So far I can include this among my personal list of the best airports in United States. I will not hesitate in the future to connect in this airport or to recommend it to a friend or relative.




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