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Agata e Romeo: a Recommended Restaurant in Rome

agata romeo


This quaint establishment is all at once antique in its dishes and delicacies yet dazzlingly modern in décor and presentation. It is a revered place for its quality and succulence, yet it often doesn’t make the major tourist rounds due to its location and more refined notoriety.


The restaurant is small on the interior and intimate in its style. It is certainly a unique post from which one can enjoy some of Rome’s more unique and talented dishes. The restaurant is also the site of a cooking school and they play host to a variety of public events.


The wine list is immense and it has an award from Wine Spectator for the variety and options available for the beverages on site. Many will find the dishes to be certainly creative and while they are based on many popular Roman staples, like Carbonara and Amatriciana, there are unique and savory twists and uncommon herbs and flavors that often accompany these favorites.


The restaurant is a reflection of the cooking and recepie of Agata who is owner and chef on site. Much of her creations are based on her own creativity and passion in the kitchen. Above all preparations and presentations are the key areas of focus. Recipies and their creative twist are often inspired by travels and gastronomic influences the chefs have encountered around the globe.


The restaurant has a more generous time off schedule reflecting its family tradtions. It is closed from after Saturday lunch until Monday dinner. Also like typical Roman establishments it is closed for the entire second half of August until the beginning of September each year.


Not the place for a light meal as the menu options are heavier on meats and seafood while vegetable dishes are well done but fewer. The food is meticulously crafted by expert chefs. The atmosphere is cozy and the standards of food quality are optimal with the place having earned a Michelin Star.


Some guests seem to have left with bad impressions over the quality of service. This was not our experience. While the price range certainly suggests a place of pomp and circumstance, oftentimes the service can be more informal and the wait staff more familiar. This is certainly more of a domestic style typical of Italian culture and the fact that the staff are mostly all related. It is a restaurant of elegance and quality, but primarily a family run entity.




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