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A suggested Itinerary of Belize:



There’s been quite a buzz about Belize in recent years. Oftentimes these artificial inflations about retirement, investing and other such advertizing are simply media hype and schemes. What is true about the country however is that it is a beautiful paradise with loads of undisturbed wilderness waiting to be seen. Infrastructure continues to develop and expand, while curious tourists owe it to themselves to explore.Most tourists go for a 7-10 day trip. For the interested visitor here’s some of the places we recommend for an itinerary.



Belize City

Almost any itinerary should begin and end in Belize City. Its location near the sea and major airport access make it a gateway. It is located near the Caribbean Sea, which makes it a popular spot for public and private cruises. The Belize Museum, cafes, diners and central market all promise an attractive allure for waterfront celebrations.  Fort George is a great place for souvenirs and boardwalk attractions by the sea.


San Ignacio

This is a wonderful base to begin explorations of the gorgeous countryside that make up the Macal River Basin. Mayan ruins are within reach as well as cave exploring, river tubing, and jungle treks. Dangriga is the nearest airport and arriving via a rental car is only a half hour from Hopkins. As a multiple night stay or just a daytrip from Tikal or the beach this area has plenty to offer and isn’t completely overrun by tourism. Express buses and regular buses take around a 3 hour trip from Belize city.



This is one of the biggest draws the country has to offer. It gets lots of visits but its remoteness still keeps numbers of visitors more intimate. This was one of the most powerful Mayan cities of its day and it is still in the process of being discovered in full. Park is open from sunrise to sunset roughly. Buses come from nearby Flores all day and even some directly from Belize city. Be sure and bring cash as out in this remote area much of the entrance fees and souvenir attractions are cash only. There is plenty of nature and archeology to explore for the entire day. There are museums and canopy tours as well.


Caye Caulker

This is a beautiful island with no motor vehicles and a laid back approach to life. It can be reached by water taxi’s from Belize City and San Pedro. The island doesn’t have world class beaches, but scenic spots to enjoy the water and vegetation, this makes the island more budget friendly and undeveloped by massive resorts. It is close to the barrier reef and offers great local food, snorkeling, restaurants and nightlife.


San Pedro and Hopkins are two other great towns worthy of a visit or to add on to the recommended itinerary of Belize.


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