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A place for Foodie discovery in San Jose, Costa Rica

La Ventana Meraki

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We recently had the opportunity to savor a delicious new cuisine in San Jose Costa Rica. In this country traditional, homemade food is often what you will find in restaurants, alongside typical fast food corporations. Foodies like us rejoice however that La Ventana Meraki is serving up something completely new: Costa Rican Street Food Fusion Cuisine.


This place is literally a window in a wall that is part of a transforming neighborhood where bars and innovative food places are popping up. What’s most important is that the food is delicious! It is a combination of Costa Rican essentials, beans, vegetables, meats, fruits and sauces served way different than mom’s kitchen table. It can be found in La California neighborhood of San Jose, a close walk from the parliament and just steps from the historic train station which provides a great place to sit and eat as there are no chairs.


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The ingredients show a marriage between Costa Rica’s beautiful food products: Monteverde cheese, fresh basil, local chicken, flavorful veggies and outside imports like pretzel bread, tacos, and garlic mayo. Any sandwich or “burger” on the menu can be made with meat or vegetable substitutions so it is very vegetarian friendly. The pumpkin butter cheese madness was surreal!


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The menu seems to border almost on the bizarre,  Fried twinkles for dessert, fried potatoes, yucca, but the outcomes in every case are unquestionably tasty. In a city like San Jose this place is blazing a trail and doing something really unique. We loved the service, the cool vibe,


The open times are 12am-9pm Monday to Thursday; 12am-2am Friday and 5pm-2am Saturday. The wait time can get pretty long at night (up to one hour) when the bars are all open, so if you want quicker service we recommend lunchtime.


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