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Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

  Costa Rica is exploding with tourism and it has so much diversity to offer from mountains, beaches, rainforests and wonderful cities. Here are ten great things to see when visiting Costa Rica:

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Why Granada Spain is so much more than the Alhambra

  Granada is a Southern Spanish city that is very popular because of its famous Alhambra Fortress. This photogenic Islamic fort that is the main attraction most people think of. It is certainly a high profile UNESCO world heritage site, but to limit the town to just this attraction is to seriously underestimate its cultural …

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Cara cul Bere: An Authentic Romanian Cuisine in the heart of Bucharest

  Romania is home to a family style culture which is set by traditional and savory foods. Caru’ cu bere is the most famous and delightful experience you can have of Romanian cuisine when visiting the country.

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Is there a reason to be concerned about Zika when traveling in Costa Rica?

  The recent spread of Zika throughout the Americas will of course be cause of concern to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region: Costa Rica. The question is: “does Zika virus pose a concern to travelers here?” The short answer is yes, but we will explain more about what that means …

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