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What to do in Reims, Champagne Region France

  Reims is a beautiful city located 80 miles from Paris. There is a lot of history, architecture, wine tradition and excellent culinary experiences coming together here. It is amazing to know that kings were crowned in Reims for more than one thousand years.   It is not difficult to get to Reims from Paris, …

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Jackson Square New Orleans

U.S. States and cities with new tourism campaigns for summer 2014

  Perhaps its due to the long, cold winter of 2013-2014 across much of the USA or simply a matter of timing, but this past week, even within a few days of each other has seen the launch of tourism and travel campaigns by various individual states. The summer travel season is looming near of …

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An Itinerary of Liechtenstein

  The traveling distance within the borders of the world’s 6th smallest country are not that wide, but getting into and around Liechtenstein is a journey beyond the normal stops of Europe. The country is properly a principality which is easily reached via train (with a bus connection) and highway from Switzerland and Austria. Brining …

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Top things to see and do in Orvieto, Italy

  This city is one of the most memorable daytrips many vacationers to Rome experience. The city sits on a towering mound of volcanic stone and offers commanding views of the countryside. It is a city with Etruscan, Roman and medieval history, a beautiful natural spot with splendid works of architecture.     The proximity …

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Travel Attraction: Medina of Tunis

  The North African cities are always centered around abundant and labrynthine marketplaces. These hallowed alleyways are the stalls for shops of produce, clothing, jewelry, hot meals and all of life’s necessities.   In the modern bustle of spread out cosmopolitan cities, most of the world has forgotten how pedestrian shopping, chatter and browsing used …

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Top 10 things to do in Tel Aviv, Israel

  There are two faces in Israel, the old and the new, the historical and the contemporary and it seems both blend very well in Tel Aviv. This is a modern city with good hotels, first class restaurants, shopping and great nightlife. At the same time the modern Tel Aviv fuses itself with Yafo, one …

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