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Top things to see in Kairouan, Tunisia

  Travelers to the Mediterranean region are often fascinated by the ruins and remnants of the great empires spread around the expansive sea. Many who have taken in the sites of ancient Greece and Rome feel further inspired to branch out to the islands and the coast of North Africa to see the drama of …

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Hotel Review: Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

    When in a scenic city like Kuala Lumpur having a commanding view is one perk among many in a city packed with affordable luxury properties. The Grand Hyatt sits just in the shadow of the Petronas towers, arrayed like so many other of the city’s best properties along the KLCC convention center complex …

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Planning ahead for Holiday travel: how to turn it into a painless and worry free experience

  The holidays are some of the most beautiful times of the year, and one of the most memorable ones to travel, or at least that is how they should be. One has to keep in mind that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations come with big numbers of people traveling from one point to …

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These are the best destinations around the world to visit this coming Christmas 2014

    Are we already talking about Christmas? Yes! The most wonderful time of the year comes along with a lot of travel headaches and expensive fares. But it does not have to be like that. With a little planning one may be able to score a wonderful trip without having to break the bank. …

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Buses from Cairo to Taba Heights

  While the overland trek through the Sinai desert and wilderness might seem like a Biblical adventure, travelers with a bit of adventure and know how can take advantage of the affordable way to transit between the Egyptian capital and Red Sea resort town of Taba Heights.   Taba Heights is a complex made of …

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Airports with the best free Wi-Fi around the world

    Until recent months Wi-Fi was considered a premium add-on to the traveler’s experience. Now many international terminals have been moving toward offering Internet for free as a way to attract more passengers. The only problem is that not always free WiFi means good Wi-Fi. In fact we have found that many of the …

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