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Top Attractions along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

  Chicago is a city of great achievements, stupendous architecture, long standing history and lovely natural enclaves. What attracts so many visitors is not just this honorable past, but its lively present. The city continues to stay upbeat, young and relevant, offering some of the best restaurants, shopping, entertainment and arts on the world stage. …

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Avianca El Dorado

Avianca Airport Lounge Review: Sala VIP Bogota, Colombia

  In a recent transatlantic flight we enjoyed the opportunity to pass the time beforehand in the new El Dorado Airport. Everything is majestic and sharp and the Avianca Lounge equally so. In terms of layout, food options and connectivity it is a worthwhile place to spend time. 

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Venice grocery

A recommended supermarket in Venice, Italy

  Experienced or potential tourists to Venice know well that although the island has a lot to offer, it is compact and space of all sorts, hotels, restaurants, apartments and even supermarkets is a premium. 

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Marco Polo Club, Airport Lounge Review: Venice, Italy

  The Marco Polo Club was a very pleasant surprise when departing Venice Airport Internationally. The lounge sits on the second floor tucked away from the bustle of the rest of the airport and its services, variety and atmosphere really stood out as a top lounge. 

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