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Top attractions in Tianjin China

  One of China’s major cities is one that many haven’t heard of until they may start researching where to explore near Beijing or where jobs and universities are in rapid growth. Tianjin is located just an hour and a half from Beijing via high speed train and it has an ever expanding market of …

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New tourist tax on arrival at Port au Prince International airport in Haiti

It is important to keep in mind that a new tourist tax on arrival is now being charged to international visitors in the Port au Prince international Airport in Haiti. The tax is 10 USD but it is possible to pay in Canadian Dollars and Euros but it is still 10 of any of these …

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Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen Atlanta

  It is good to find such a restaurant that is delivering a great dinning experience with good quality food and an emphasis in healthy and organic products. True food kitchen is a new concept, or at least new to me. I just had the opportunity to visit their new restaurant in Atlanta and I …

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Best Shopping Mall destinations around the world

  Shopping especially for something unique, new or at a better price often goes hand in hand with travel. That’s why so many world class destinations try to offer world class shopping malls. It is probably the idea that we are spending leisure time and money, or that we are away from our everyday responsibilities …

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Lenox Square Mall: luxury shopping and convenience in Atlanta, Georgia

  Atlanta is fast becoming one of the best travel destinations in the Southeastern United States. There is so much to do, great restaurants, amazing nightlife and impressive five star properties that have made of this city a top call for discerning travelers. . Lenox square is one of the most traditional shopping centers and …

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The Most Luxurious Hotels in the United Arab Emirates

    The United Arabic Emirates is the land of hospitality, such a quality is not only reflected in the services offered to visitors but in the beauty of their hotels. Almost every month new properties are opening. There is always something new to see. Here is a selection of amazing hotels, those that hotelphilos and …

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