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Mountains, wine, great food and cosmopolitan cities: being back in South America after six years reminds me how beautiful it is.

The time to be back in South America finally came this past month when we embarked on a 6 country trip during almost three weeks. Only for two months Brazil lifted their requirement of a tourist visa for Americans, and even when I don’t need one because I travel with a Costa Rican passport Matt …

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Rio de Janeiro: is this really the marvelous city?

The locals refer to it as Cidade maravilhosa (the marvelous city) and yes we knew it was a beach capital with stunning features, but nothing could have prepared us for the panoramic, friendly and vivacious town which we encountered on our recent visit between the olympics.

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Laid back urban Europe: Frankfurt Germany

Germany’s fifth most populous city and center of the European Banking system is a laid back city that has a lovely riverfront, intimate squares and streets as well as plenty of restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and sightseeing. 

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The best place for Wine Tasting in Lima Peru

  El Pozito is a fantastic chain of wine bars found in and around Lima. We discovered it because we really wanted to take a trip to Peru’s wine country and explore the fairly unknown vineyards. However we were short on time and most vineyards are closed on Mondays for tours. This became a handy …

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