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Travel Attraction: Sidi Bou Said Tunisia

The charming city of Sidi Bou Said is often considered one of the premiere attractions to see in the vicinity of Tunis and Carthage. It possesses all the attractions of an alluring day trip, easy access by public transport and roadways from the capital, wonderfully scenery of nature and the town along with one of …

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How to get from Clark International Airport to Manila in the Philippines

  Clark Airport (known as well as Diosdado Macapagal International airport) is becoming a big hub for domestic and international transportation in the Philippines. Many low cost airlines and now even Qatar Airways and Asiana are flying to this airport, it is for this reason that many people are inquiring about transportation options to Manila. …

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Historic Route 6: a great fall itinerary of the Mid-Atlantic States

  Fall foliage is just around the corner and it is one of the most captivating seasons in terms of a visual display. An excellent fall day with mild temperatures, a slight breeze, steady sun and forests bursting with color can be one of the best travel sceneries in the world. One of the best spots in …

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Shopping sites in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

  As Sharm El Sheikh has defined itself as the biggest and best Red Sea destination in Egypt, its infrastructure in roads, airport and shopping has kept good pace with the number of hotel rooms on offer. Tourists to this corner of the desert need not fear a lack of things to do. There’s certainly …

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Don Muang Airport is a very feasible option for passengers in and out of Bangkok

How to get from Don Muang airport to the city of Bangkok

    Even as Don Muang is now the secondary airport in Bangkok, there is still plenty of traffic coming in and out especially with the relocation of the low cost airlines to this hub. There is much discussion and disagreement online in our research as to how much one can expect to pay when …

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Should I tip when traveling?

  Cultural traditions, salaries and expectations are very different from country to country and the answer will be very different according to that. Reading a blog entry written by an American one will be instructed to tip everybody at every moment, from the person who cuts the hair of the pet, to those working at …

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