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Top Hotels for Less

These are destinations where the most luxurious hotels cost far less than what you think

  Traveling is indeed a wonderful hobby but it can be really expensive. There are many things to consider in the price from transportation, food, attractions and lodging. If one enjoys staying at good hotels with first class facilities the bill can be high, but there are places where money can get you a lot …

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Hotel Review: JW Marriott Marquis Miami

  Luxury hotels in Miami are a dime a dozen. At nearly every intersection one can find another world renowned name looking to scoop up the beachgoers and sun seekers, the conference attendees and the executive travelers. In such a swirl of competition it takes more than just costlier furnishings to stand out, it takes …

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Airline Review: Etihad Airways

  In a varied and complicated world of airline travel growth, standards and general industry ups and downs, it is nice to see an airline on the steady and strong rise. This is of course reflected in the numbers of Etihad Airways since its recent founding in 2003, but it is also noticeable in the …

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Monks prepare for departure at Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Muang Airport

  Many travelers are currently looking for up to date information concerning how to transfer between Bangkok’s two airports: Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. In this travel tip we will explain the main way to get between both airports. Undoubtedly more people are now concerned with this transfer as Air Asia, the popular low cost airline …

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Recommended Shopping in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

  Being a well established capital with neighborhoods centuries old, Hanoi offers a very parochial approach to shopping for hand made goods. In more ancient times streets were defined by the products which were sold and produced on them, such as iron, silk or copper.   Even today with a more integrated modern market it …

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Bali airport

Airport Review: Bali International Airport

  Ngurah Rai is the local name for Bali’s International Airport located in the part of the island known as Denpasar. Don’t let all the names confuse you, this is the main operation for commercial flights onto and off of the island. Given Bali’s well deserved fame it is right to assume this is a …

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