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Top things to see in Cortona, Italy

  In Italy’s Tuscany region and Arezzo province many souls find themselves on quests of beauty, gastronomy, history and good old fashioned Italian living. Many itineraries include the big stops like Siena, Florence, Pisa and San Gimignano, and tours may include Cortona, but any self guided adventurer would do well to include Cortona. The city …

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Travel update: Is it safe to visit Israel in the midst of the current crisis?

  In recent weeks we have been hearing news about the spike in the current crisis in Israel. Many travelers are starting to wonder if it is safe to visit Israel with this situation going on. Summer is a busy time and many groups and solo travelers are scheduled to arrive to Israel in the upcoming …

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Airport Review: Hanoi Noi Ba Airport

  Hanoi’s airport is situated 28 miles from the city center. It is an older facility which operates at a standard level of functionality, in other words, clean but no frills. It leaves an impression of a basic experience for some and an underwhelming experience for others. A brand new terminal is under construction and …

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Top things to see and do in Cairo

  In the Egyptian capital there is plethora of things for travelers and tourists to explore, from the dusty archeological digs to the golden halls of five star hotel luxury. The city may have the reputation for doing things big, but that comes with a massive population, a long history and so many diverse things …

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Hotel Review: Four Seasons Jakarta

  A name synonymous with Luxury, Four Seasons never ceases to impress in the various outlets it presents around the world. One might be daunted at first by the massive population, traffic and urban spread of Jakarta, but the Four Seasons is ideally situated in an escape like oasis in the heart of town. While …

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What to do in a long layover in Frankfurt Airport

    Everything will depend on how long your layover is. Frankfurt International Airport is a very pleasant point of connection, they handle very well all the hundreds of flights that each day go through this truly international terminal, punctuality is almost the norm that is only occasionally affected by very bad winter storms. The …

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