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The Raj Mahal Restaurant at the Oberoi Jaipur: This was our best Indian meal in India

We are vegetarians and India is a paradise for vegetarian travelers, still sometimes it is difficult to jump into such variety of dishes, flavors and spices. It can be very spicy hot or so exotic that may become difficult to grasp with fairness such a  rich cuisine.

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Is it safe to visit Guatemala? tips to have a great trip to this beautiful country

  Guatemala is a fascinating destination in Central America it is very affordable with many excellent restaurants and wonderful hotels, despite of all the virtues Guatemala has as destination it may be dangerous at times. Keeping in mind the peculiarities of the destination along with a normal doses of prudence a trip to Guatemala can …

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“Sodas” ideal places for authentic Costa Rican meals

  Costa Rica is a destination where tourist infrastructure is done very well, which means you can find roadside restaurants, hotel restaurants and places to eat anywhere from the beach to the rainforest. Most likely food will be a combination of local flavors and many outside influences from fast food to gourmet. 

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Why Buenos Aires gave us new definition of culture

  Having just returned from Buenos Aires we can say it is a city that impressed us greatly. The infrastructure, architecture, neighborhoods, public parks and natural beauty make it unforgettable and epic.  It has all the wow factors of a very cultured place with centuries of history, like a Paris, Rome or London without the price …

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