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Uber: how to get into and around Sao Paolo Brazil

  Sao Paolo Brazil is an organized city for its size, but mind you it is 6.5 times the size of New York. It is the biggest city of South America and a powerhouse for the country all this translates to big traffic jams with a massive population.  

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High altitude: how to deal with it

      We do not intend to give personal medical advice with our tips, anyone who believes that this effect of nature can be an issue should consult a doctor ahead of time, it can be a serious and life threatening issue.

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Chicago’s fashion outlets are a great stop before or after O’Hare airport

The Fashion outlets of Chicago is a shopaholics delight. It is set in nearby Rosemont where all the airport hotels and first metro stop  from O’Hare is located. People coming to and from the city to the world can find wonderful shopping deals all year round with hundreds of stores of world renowned brands in place. 

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Food, history and trends make Lima a city not to be missed in Peru

      Lima in the past has been seen as a city on the periphery of travel destinations. As a city of 10 million people it may seem chaotic and overwhelming but our recent visit has shown it to be a real gem in Peru’s progressive culture. This metropolis is a home for great hotels, some …

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