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The Spa at the Peninsula, Hong Kong: One of the most beautiful Spas in the world!

Best Spas of the World 2014

Travel brings a unique perspective to relaxation. In any given year of  our journeys we get to experience a wide variety of stunning hotels and very often, they put an emphasis on relaxing and rejuvenating their guests, because its an essential component of leisure. In our experiences of the past year, these stand out as …

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Begijnhof: an Amsterdam attraction

  Nestled in a quiet corner of Amsterdam lies a courtyard and neighborhood that is a striking and defined as any of the city’s famed districts. This otherworldly place is an enclosed courtyard in Amsterdam whose origins date from the early 14th century. It includes several interesting religious buildings and provides a calm attraction just …

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Wine Tourism in China? Indeed, it is a flourishing Industry there!

  China is a market with incredible potential not only for consumption, but because of the high volume of production. In fact China is among the fifth largest producers of wine in the world. A booming new middle class is eager to enjoy great wines and this not only means to import good bottles, but …

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Umbria’s Cascata delle Marmore: Majestic Italian waterfalls

  Set in the centrally located province of Umbria, the cousin province of Tuscany, lies deep forests, wide glens and mystic waterfalls. Umbria is called the land of saints and magicians, it possesses a natural intrigue of ever deepening beauty and quiet corners of countryside.   An hour or so from Rome on the train …

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pike place

Pike Place: A traditional American Market in Seattle

  Seattle might not seem like the place for tradition, but innovation, by reputation. However it boasts a market attraction known as Pike Place, over 100 years in operation, it still holds to a “Meet the producer” mentality, as vendors who handcraft their cherished products, foodstuffs and bounties stand by to make a fresh delivery. …

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Attractions on the Island of Male, Maldives

  The Maldives is usually associated with its luxury resorts and top of the line paradise islands and while these are certainly the main attractions, life and citizenship for locals especially centers around the capital island of Male. For anyone with some downtime in transfer or a night on the way in or out of …

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