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Affordable transit between Osaka and Kyoto, Japan

  There are many different routes and transit offerings to take one from Osaka to Kyoto and back. We found so many online it seemed overwhelming. It depends also where you are coming from in either city. If from the airport in Osaka you will take different buses and trains than from in the city …

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Why Kyoto should be on your travel list in Japan

  Our first trip to Japan included a visit to the country’s former capital: Kyoto. It is famous because it has centuries of majestic architecture, breathtaking gardens and scenic beauty to its name. The city has kept pace with the modern world as well, which allows for stunning modern architecture and design to sit side by …

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Buses from Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Muang Airport to Pattaya Thailand

It is very common for travelers to Thailand to head straight for its mystic beaches upon arrival. Here we will explain the most economical means of reaching the city of Pattaya from both airports. The connection is direct from the major Airport Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and indirect from the low cost airport Don Muang (DMK).

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A guide to Florida’s many coasts

  Spend enough time in Florida and you will soon realize that besides traditional names of beaches and towns, the tourism infrastructure has grown in such a way that certain sections of coastline in Florida have their own profile. This is a breakdown of those names and what a visitor can expect to find on …

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