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New Departure Tax Procedures in Costa Rica

    A practice that travelers coming out of Costa Rica often forget or are unaware of altogether is payment of a departure tax. In the past it has was applicable to everyone leaving the country and it was not included in any airline tickets or fees. It still is for some airlines.

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Villa d’Este: a Tivoli day trip from Rome

  I consider it one of the best daytrips from Rome and one of the most scenic towns of the Italian countryside. Tivoli is a pleasurable town with many things to see. The city itself has many casual and unique charms such as lovely, cavernous restaurants, ancient streams and defined architecture.

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dades gorge

Can one rent a car in Morocco?

  Morocco is a really spread out country with unforgiving landscapes like the Atlas Mountains, vast deserts and miles of coastline roads for the Atlantic and Mediterranean. So it was not so much the country’s infrastructure and economy that had me wondering about the possibilities of renting a car, but what sort of challenges might …

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Slovakia main Banska_Stiavnica-_pohlad_z_Katovej_ulice

Slovakia: a great destination to be discovered

While being one of Europe’s most pristine wonders culturally and naturally, Slovakia is at the same time quite unknown to many travelers. The country has a long history of settlement and diversity of influences which is evident by the many surrounding countries it borders today. Slovakia sits in the heart of Europe so there are …

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