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10 reasons to visit Malaysia Now

  In 2014 Malaysia came a lot to the attention of the international community , sadly not always for happy reasons, but this is a country that offers a lot to travelers. It is a very welcoming destination, with excellent tourism infrastructure and many attractions to keep busy even the most demanding of travelers. This country …

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City Highlights of Timisoara Romania

Set on the Western edge of Romania, Timisoara offers a small city experience rich with cultural and historic references for travelers. It is a great city to include in a driving itinerary of the country, as a destination in itself or to access when crossing through nearby Serbia. The city is built on the ruins …

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How to get an International Driving Permit

  While your drivers license from home may entitle you easily to rent a car or vehicle in various places around the world you should be prepared for countries, states or authorities that will not recognize it. The surest way to do so it to get an International Driving Permit. This document is accepted as …

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10 best destinations for summer 2015

Summer is around the corner and travelers are starting to get excited about upcoming plans. Here are ten fantastic places to get even more amazed. These are ten beautiful destinations worth to considerer. There is amazing beautiful nature, pristine beaches, excellent offerings of luxury and affordable accommodations and endless possibilities for the lovers of good …

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