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Top Ten destinations to visit this spring: #3 Park City, Utah USA

  Spring in Park City Utah was our first introduction to the place. Locals call it mud season because the warming and sunny days begin to melt the mountain snow. It is also referred to as shoulder season because it bridges the gap between the busy winter sports season and summer months.   What’s so …

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Top Ten destinations to visit this spring: # 4 Vilnius Lithuania

  Vilnius boasts one of the largest Old Towns of Europe, it has an excellent nightlife vibe, a very respectable offering of restaurants and even a good selection of luxury stores.

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Top Ten Destinations to visit this Spring #5: Tunis, Tunisia

  This North African getaway is a melting pot of culture, archeology, and dynamic landscapes. Tunisia is ideally perched along the Mediterranean Sea and its charming local atmosphere is certainly well manifested in Tunis the capital and its suburban districts. Spring is an excellent time of the year to visit because days are warm and …

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Antigua Guatemala

Top ten destinations to visit this spring: #6 Antigua Guatemala

  Antigua Guatemala is just 40 minutes away from the capital city. There is an excellent highway connecting the airport with this town, one of the most beautiful colonial cities of the Americas. This is the former capital of the country and it has incredible history amazing architecture and a lively present.

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