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Getting to and exploring Petra, Jordan

  It may be just one of the most iconic archeological sites in the world and certainly one of the most unique. Rome and the great wall of China are wonders of human engineering, but the half carved, half hewn rock canyons of Petra that now stand as the shell of a civilization are places …

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How to get a tourist visa for Kazakhstan?

  Kazakhstan is a country that has achieved considerable progress and cross cultural exchange in the last 25 years. Its vast mineral resources and tracts of land make it a place to which many have come for work and development. In the meantime it was still a difficult place to access for tourism. The steps …

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Airport Review: Singapore Changi Airport

  If there is an airport one might wish to be stranded in, Changi would definitely be the place. This state of the art facility in Singapore is a gateway into Asia and a popular starting point for a journey into the famed island nation of wealth and fame. When moving through Changi everything from …

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baden baths

Baden, Switzerland: town of warm mineral springs

  Conveniently set up as a close suburb of Zurich, travelers and tourists getting started on a trip of Switzerland should take advantage of this small town with great wellness potential. The warm mineral waters present in the town of Baden have been used as a source of healing, wellness and even energy since Roman …

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Assisi 036

Best cities in Italy to study Italian

  With the marvelous beauty and timeless charms of the Italian peninsula being so abundant, it seems like every place in Italy would be the best place to study Italian. One can of course study from home and learn a lot, but traveling to the land where the language is lived and spoken is a …

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Napa Valley in November 2014

  The blossoming beauty of Napa Valley and its seemingly endless estates is a wonder that brings in tourists, wine enthusiasts and lovers of nature year round. Some however hold that once the grapes are picked and the fall foliage is in bloom, that becomes the best time to visit, from the milder days of …

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